Diesel: Daniel

Advertising Agency: Fred & Farid, Paris, France
Creative Directors: Fred & Farid
Copywriters: Fred & Farid
Art Directors: Alphee Ballester, Laurent Leccia, Thomas Raillard, Alexandra Reghioua
Agency supervisors: Emmanuel Ferry, Helene Camus, Shirley Sayadi
Advertiser supervisors: Steeve Hagege, Wilbert Das, Ladan Lari
Director: Paul Gore
Production company: Irene / Flynn
Music: Guem

May 2009


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short shorts
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Wow, his fist matches the shape of the bottle. Brilliant. Do these really deserve to be on here?

Spewing Sports Nonsense in Podcast Form...

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I like the colors and LOVE the bottle and I very much like the street boxing models, they fit. but still i think you guys should show the atmosphere of street boxing otherwise dumb people won't get it and just don't appreciate your work.

outsmart me, if you can

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I agree with comment #1.

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