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In Thailand, contraception pills ad are challenged with the obligation that does not allow them to advertised the product as "contraception pills" as such. So it has to be market as a pill which adjust women hormone to enhance their skin instead, but still somehow suggesting the "birth control" element discreetly.

Creative: Trong Ronakiat

April 2010


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very interesting brief. I didn't know the fact.


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do not allow in Thailand!???


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in what year are we??

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I don't get this one. Wider smile as days go by??

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J Designer
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I know how hard it is to comply with other culture's laws on advertising. I had to do an ad for a martini glass and cocktail shaker without implying that they are used for alcohol!

I think you did well here.
This advert clearly shows the skin and hair improving with the use of the pills, but I like the slight humor at the end - I can almost imagine here yelling "yes I'm still not pregnant!"

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Interesting form.

Well, maybe they could make the ad itself more interesting, cos the idea now is too basic n tedious.

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have you tried to show the menstrual cycle which is of 28 days' !!!!!!!!


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ek kanya
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nice. very nice.

am an advertising junkie | read my flog at http://www.desicreative.com/forum

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This is one of the best ads Ive seen.

In a country where contraception cannot be advertised, they have found such an amazing way to say the same thing at the same time being politically correct.

The target audience would understand and connect to it, simple and kind of funny as well!

Cognito Ergo Sum

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thoughful ad

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It's the pills pack and it's got these arrows to help you with the dosage. As you finish the pills, you get better. As a user of this, I understood it immediately. Like it.

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