DHL: Piano

With DHL Maxitransport, you can send your heavy, bulky objects across Germany with maximum ease and convenience.

Advertising School: european school of design, Frankfurt, Germany
Creative Director / Head of School: Ralph Thamm
Art Director / Photographer: Pavel Bondarenko

March 2009


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I like it. Good campaign.

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Sorry to sound negative and say "done", but this really does feel very derivative - i.e. I know I have seen this thinking and this execution before. No doubt it'll work in its marketplace, but if they are looking for creative kudos or applause, they'll have to try a lot harder.


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i will have to agree with the previous comment. fair try for students and a good effort but on the whole DHL is a difficult case considering that a bunch of hundreds of stuff have been done over the years. the guys have potential but should really start stretching their minds..

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Strange... very similar to the campaign UPS is running here in the states.


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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can i humbly say "RUBBISH"!!!
is it a job search ad?


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I like it simple, clear and cool!.. nice job

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