DHL: From Europe to North America in just a few steps

From Europe to North America in just a few steps.

Advertising Agency: Miami Ad School Europe, Hamburg, Germany
Teacher: Gerrit Kleinfeld
Art Directors: João Unzer, Rodrigo de Castro
Copywriters: Rodrigo de Castro, João Unzer
Illustrator: Silas Chosen
Published: January 2011


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like like!

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what's great about this campaign ? it looks boring and old fashion illustrations done

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@ themadartist

Look at the illustration and read the line. It's simple and smart.

Zoooooooooooooooom..............................*thapaaak* OWWW!! I cannot pass through walls!!!! Now bring that person who says this world is an illusion!! :X :P

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I think showing the few steps it takes to pack the package on the bottom would have helped to display the double meaning. if this was "doublemeant"!?

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Concept is not new. Treatment is decent but not great. Art direction could have been better though.


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El concepto no es nuevo... No me gusta esta versión

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Nothing new, nothing attractive. It looks like an old poster for circus or carnival.

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