DHL Express: Statue

No size limits.

Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt/Alster, Hamburg, Germany
Exec Creative Director: Oliver Voss
Creative Directors: Daniel Frericks, Götz Ulmer
Copywriter: Tobias Grimm
Art Director: Jens Paul Pfau
Illustrator: Florian Zwinge


k_lounge's picture
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Very fake, photoshopped, non JVM execution. Very old first thought!

Bundy Agency's picture
Bundy Agency
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Im pretty sure this is not a fake and they actually went out and took the shot of the giant with the sticker on his foot

salamandos's picture
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look at the details.. it is surely photoshopped.
and btw. there are no such giants in hamburg! :)

Mr.Top's picture
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Look at the shadow on the right side of the sticker, has nothing to do with the light of the foot. This is clearly one of the thousands of FAKE-EXPRESS iseas JvM is doing this year.

bertie's picture
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I'm pretty sure you're wrong. Look closer.

judy.y's picture
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er...... photoshoped

Applemask's picture
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Does it matter?

salamandos's picture
1947 pencils

hell yeah

sonucoues2002's picture
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dont spoil the campaign
need to learn the good use of photoshop

adniel's picture
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Hmm... I´m wondering why JvM posted soooooo much stuff lately? Ready for Cannes maybe...
All off it is not so good. not so much JvM as it just to be.

salamandos's picture
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I like most of their stuff.. There are even some "real" ads and not only fakes.

speed's picture
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This is not a campaign - it's the same ad done 3 times. Why would DHL want to waste their money on producing 3 ads that say the exact same thing? Do they not possess other benefits beyond size, like say, fast and cheap?

Please spend your client's money wisely, folks.

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