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nice campaign

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Bad campaign.

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boring campaign

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These comments are typical of the morons on this site. If you don't like it, explain why.

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Cheers for your insightful comment Rabubi. Did you have anything to do with these at all? If so please enlighten us all on what this campaign is trying to communicate.

Anyway, here's my explaination you apparently need of why I think its a bad campaign.

This campaign makes no sense at all because if they are trying to communicate that DHL makes light work of heavy things (which is all I assume they are attempting to), then the fail because making these animals small on the page does not communicate lightness. Or does it?

Also why animals?

Are giraffes symbolic for heavyness? Not where I come from, tallness perhaps - but not lightness.

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Mindhunter: WTF no idea, bad art directions and i think you are the moron, its just bull, that's what this campaign is. DHL has done and had great ads, untill this shit got out and just ruined a great spree of great ads..


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