DHL: Airmail, 4

Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt/Neckar, Germany
Creative Directors: Paul Fleig
Executive Creative Directors: Wolfgang Schneider, Mathias Stiller
Copywriter: Paul Fleig
Account Director: Andreas Jeutter
Designers: Dominic Stuebler, Mario Loncar
Account Supervisors: Frank Lotze, Frauke Schmidt, Nina Weinmann
Photographers: Peter Schumacher, Thomas Baumann
Retoucher: Jorg Macha
Marketing Manager: Dirk Ude


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it was bad enough as a one shot. it really sucks seeing the same bad ad 3 times

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That's also a very daggy, old, basic paper plane design.
Lightweight idea. Sorry.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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This is "DHL Budget". The next time you send out a document, make a paper plane of it and fly it in the direction you want it to go and hope for the best.

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Haha, couldn't resist, could you Rog? Lightweight indeed. More style over substance. Should at least have had a headline to maybe save it, if only a little. An easy job for the copywriter, this. "Airmail". And I've earned my day's wages. If only all of us could be so lucky.

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Well, according to the lightweight championship, i like it.

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I like the pictures they're pretty cool. The concept is a bit weak for the message, in my opinion.

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It's not that bad, come on guys.

For hire and desire ...

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El beneficio: La Seguridad y Eficienciade DHL para enviar documentos. Simple, directo y bien dirigido a su target.
A mí me gusta mucho.

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Muy buen aviso

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Just average in my opinion...but somehow it's in the design shortlist (campaign!) for Clio 2007!

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You can also see a paint merge line in the clouds that was missed. I am sure someone tried to paint clouds where a tail might of been or tried to merge something in the background, but you can see a streak in the clouds that is an obvious merge line. UGH! I like the image itself, however, I do not think it effectively makes the point.

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good art direction

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