Dewfresh: The Secret In My Heart

If only some things lasted as long as our milk.

Advertising Agency: Volcano, Johannesburg, South Africa
Creative Director: Glenn Jeffery
Art Director: Francois Boshoff
Copywriter: Francois Boshoff
Photographer: Francois Boshoff

March 2008


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Pure cheese.

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who is going to read all that??

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For your question, Gossage have the answer:
"People don't read advertising. They read what interests them. And sometimes it's an ad."

Im not saying that this is interesting enough, but i always have this quote on my mind. So, sometimes we creatives don't need to do only visual ads.

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ok i'll ask another question...but you don't need to answer this one.

who is going to be interested in this one to read it?? It's an ad!

Ever tested this kind of ads? Any pretests to see if it will capture anyone's attention?
I really don't think it is going to...

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Well I for one read it (I love comics). It's a nice distraction, and definitely different from the other overproduced stuff we will see when flipping a magazine.

Maybe you think it's an ad cos you're seeing it online here... things might be different if you really saw the thing in print.

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agreed. maybe many people would not read it, but people with nothing to do (like me) and curious people and some bored people on the bus stop would read it :D

i am not saying i fancy the ad though. i don't like it.

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in 2 months if someone asks me if i remember the unfunny cartoon ads with photos in the cells, ill say "yup."

if they then ask me if i remember the product, ill say "nup."

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**LOL!!!** Loving all three but "Jungle Love" definitely winner :-) Completely different approach, I'll definitely remember these - thanks for giving me a good laugh... nice one!

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Mindhunter well said apseudobeing well said....


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Agreed Dante, long read but worth it!

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Member for
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No wonder you agree with him.

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Atrocious work!

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That's what happenst if the creatives come up with a kinda crappy commercial and the client only has money for a 1/1 ad...

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