Dewfresh Long Life Milk: Ice Cream Bar

Anytime, anywhere.

Advertising Agency: Volcano, Johannesburg, South Africa
Creative Directors: Glenn Jeffery
Art Directors: Glenn Jeffery
Copywriter: Tasha Hodgson
Published: March 2009


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Visuals and executions of these are good, but who needs an ice cream bar in the middle of the ice? Why not something contrary to "cold"? And where do you find the smoke in an ice cream bar? Some comment for other 2 ads.

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To the point.


~ Quite obviously, I have gathered no moss ! ~

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Think it’s okay for a brand to have confidence. But this too much.

Slapping bars on desolate places doesn’t say drink me.

It says; people will go everywhere if there is a form of comfort.

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Milk lasts longer when refrigerated, so this one actually goes against their lasts longer strategy unlike the other two.

Needs more thought and a better line, anytime, anywhere is just lazy and throw away.

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No.. no... nooo... how does it tells about the relation to the USP? Yeahh anytime anywhere, but I think the positioning is very poor.

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