Dewfresh: Coffee Shop

Anytime, anywhere.

Advertising Agency: Volcano, Johannesburg, South Africa
Creative Directors: Glenn Jeffery
Art Directors: Glenn Jeffery
Copywriter: Tasha Hodgson

March, 2009


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World after 300 years :P :)

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it would be a good idea for sweets with caffeine ("coffee in the pill"), but for the milk...

Anna Turkiewicz Advertising Agency
imagination powered by knowledge

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Think it’s okay for a brand to have confidence. But this too much.

Slapping bars on desolate places doesn’t say drink me.

It says; people will go everywhere if there is a form of comfort.

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Chori Arg
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this one is better than the other two

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Man, Volcano are going all out for Loeries! (For once, not a snide comment - well done, guys...nice stuff.)

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