Dewar's: Permission

It's better to apologize than to ask permission.
I'm Dewarist.

Advertising Agency: Shampoo, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Creative Directors: Maurice Sánchez
Art Director: Maurice Sánchez
Copywriter: Angel Rosario
Published: May 2008


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can a dewar's swallow turn anyone into a good creative? smart line. cheers.


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Almost all of these lines are common quotes and cliches in the States. Credit the creative team for the concept, if you like, but not for original lines. This one's actually lifted from Grace Hopper's famed quote, "It’s easier to ask forgiveness than it is to get permission."

Since I don't see Grace credited anywhere on the ad, I'd say these are borderline plagiaristic.

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Me gusta este dicho, me encantaría tener que pedir disculpas más a menudo, pero es dificil atreverse!!

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