Deutsche Verkehrs Wacht: Buckle up

Buckling up can save lives.
The German Road Safety Organisation (DVW) wants to bring this message home to German car drivers. It has been working towards greater safety and fewer accidents on Germany’s roads for over 85 years. Through its programmes, initiatives and events, the DVW reaches around 2.5 million people a year..

Advertising Agency: Scholz & Friends NRW, Duesseldorf, Germany
Managing Director: Niels Alzen
Creative Director: Alexander Hansen
Art Director: Pia Niehues
Copywriter: Leander Schmalfuß
Graphics: Stephanie Blaschk, Sebastian Jahrmarkt
Photographer: Bsmart Stockholm, Johannes Pöttgens
Managing Director: Raphael Brinkert
Management Supervisor: Bastian Kühl
Junior Account Manager: Holger Hansen
Consultant: Jens Lange

January 2010


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I like this very much.. Superb !!
But in our area if somebody keep a framed photo on wall means he/she passed away. So the 4th photo should not be on same way......I am confused... But that ribbon .......................! Yeah.

Saidu Karinga
The Idiot

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old. it was in Golden Drum some years ago.

Axl's picture
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Big idea...Was it really done before?

Kateter's picture
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yes. 100000000%.

DanielSoares's picture
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simple, easy to understand, to the point. liked it

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the first 3 are dead. the black loops on that position of a photo, transmits the death.

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simbolism of colours depends on the culture of the country. i was raised in germany and i can assure u, that every german will understand the ad as i explained you.

No need to thank, the granny is here to help out!

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This is f*cking mind-blowing. I am impressed and jealous.

bubblestheclownfish's picture
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THANKS GRANNY! With that explanation, it gets a 9. Very clever and simple.

Oh, and please send me more home-baked banana bread :-)

Elmārs Ārnieks's picture
Elmārs Ārnieks
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Life is a joke. Laugh.

Corbeen's picture
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it was 100 times done

thedesignaddict's picture
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If it's been done add a link! Otherwise you just sound jealous.

Corbeen's picture
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yes, its sounds like that, I cant find it but it was on golden drum few years ago same campain only with 2 pic.
The belt was just on a diferent place of the pic, same like here. If i find i will post it.

warreno's picture
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Done or not before, it's still damned effective, so quit kvetching.

everartz's picture
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agreed.. this has its impact.. thumbs up..

| Everartz |

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Very Nice. Simple and direct. Superb

shahidali's picture
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i loved it.


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GREAT IDEA.... simple ideas are the best.My first award of the year!!!!

Simple ideas are the best !

hilazon's picture
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nice visual approach

miko1aj's picture
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BAM! Sometimes someone presents an idea so simple and clear that it doesn't need any explanation and You wonder – it's so obvious that's so amazing that no one got it before. This ad is just perfect example of such a case. Bravo. I'm impressed.

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Dont like it!

"Bright ideas bring better results"

matks's picture
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Naither do I. Guys, it's a "fasten your seatbelt" campaign. The creativty bar is put much higher when it comes to such topics. This ad is just an old-school print approach. Nothing very bad, of course. But too naive and boring to compete.

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I like your idea and the layouting :) catchy from afar, but maybe you could make more dramatic? and look gloomier to dramatize the impact?

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I love this ad!

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