Deutsche Akademie für Akupunktur: Head

Knowing where the healing is.

To help people find out where to find a cure, McCann Berlin leads them to the online service of the German Academy for Acupuncture / DAA e.V. Loosely inspired by Google maps, McCann developed a print campaign showing maps of body parts featuring a number of points to be stimulated in acupuncture to get rid of internal disturbances.

Advertising Agency: McCann Berlin, Germany
Chief Creative Officer: Bill Biancoli
Creative Directors: Tilo Endert, Erik Gonan
Art Director: João Paulo Ribeiro
Copywriters: Felipe Cavalcante, Mathias Bünte, Christian Netter
Illustrator: João Paulo Ribeiro
Account Managers: Niko Thielsch, Christina Schoefisch
Post Production: Robert Paiste, Vanessa Scholz
Print Production: Tim Erlmann

July, 2013


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more like "knowing where to heal"

really disconnected and forced visual.

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I bet the gentlemen above did not notice the idea.
Try to expand the image and find out the connection.

Not bad

but have a connection, felows.

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after reading the text under image, i got it. well, it's ok.

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I like the concept.

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Siddarth Basavaraj
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Visually.. as a concept its really good.. works for me.. and what's more, its crystal clear..

Love creating ads..

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good one

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