Detergent Uno Antibacterial: Rain

One day the sky darkened and a strange rain began to fall. An acid rain with incandescent stones were destroying houses and buildings as if it were paper. Everyone ran without knowing where to go, pieces of smashed cars were over the streets, there was no place to hide. It was time. The entire civilization was being annihilated. Terror and death, the screams… A few minutes later, it could only hear the silence and desolation of millions who died in seconds. The prophecy was fulfilled. The bacteria had disappeared off the face of the trouser. It was the end of the bacteria.

Advertising Agency: Athos\TBWA, Bolivia
DGC: Pablo Leiva
Creative Director: Amples Regiani
Art Director: Amples Regiani
Copywriter: Pablo Leiva

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rakel's picture
250 pencils

sorry, i wouldn read this even if someone pays me.

Bill Me Now's picture
Bill Me Now
164 pencils

+1 (though a cash incentive may help)

Glut's picture
3947 pencils

why would someone pay you? Lazy as the ad.

CommandZ's picture
2472 pencils

Long copy ads have their place, this just isn't one of them. Anyone remember the classic John Caples long copy ad, " . . . they all laughed when I sat down at the piano . . ."?

Paolo Buatti's picture
Paolo Buatti
619 pencils

I love the artwork but the copy here is a serious problem!

bgajus08's picture
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People may not want to read this but I found it entertaining. It seems crazy and sad and depressing at first until your discover that it's the end of bacteria society not humans. Then you smile and breath a sigh of relief. Nice art too.

Hadrons's picture
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Nice art.


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