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nice ad

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ramesh bhai nice ads...well done!! congrats!!

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Is it only me that thinks this concept is bland and unimaginative?

Flags being manipulated to tell a story have been used for at least 10yrs now, and they have been used in a much more intelligent and engaging way.

When advertising such a serious problem I would like to see more of an emotional and heart-felt connection...but that may just be me. This execution doesn't feel "human" enough and as a result I don't feel an emotional connection to the campaign

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I definitely prefer this ad compared to the other one. Strange to see others think the other way around.

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No fixed abode
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'Example' hit the nail on the head. No emotional connection. Just the ad equivalent of a tubesock.

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I think both the ads are brilliant....simple, to the point and hitting home with a hammer. Some information on how and where one can help could have been included.

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