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The latest generation in cyclonic vacuum cleaners. Give it another spin, bothering the neighbor downstairs is already a cliche.

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You're not bothering the neighbour downstairs... You just have to nail your furniture to the ground so it doesn't get vacumed... (It was simpler, and if it's not already done, i think it's pretty cool)

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The furniture are nailed because the guy upstairs has a vacuum so powerful that sucks them up in the air. I'm really trying to like the idea, but I have seen it a couple of times before better done. But, this is the beginning of a funny ad. The guys must keep working.

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i thought it was just so powerful it might suck up your own furniture? i see no mention of the neighbors.

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theres obstacle in communication. Sorry about my english. I mean that it's difficult to understand or why I should bought it.

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puissance et force de la marque

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