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the idea of designing online is very good as in great product to work on but i dont like the execution
. in the world of wire less internet connection why have old look may be its a barbie look but i
think it could have been better.

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It could have been a CAT cable connected to a wireless router, but do you think that would have the same read? Or better, based on your previous comment?

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MADE in the USA
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Yes I agree, Even if you wanted to keep retro. Could have been done better.

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Damn they can afford an ad but they can't afford to make it wireless!?!?!


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I like the retro feel, but I'm 32 years old. I think younger girls would need a more contemporary setting. Unless this is comparing old school versus new school?

If that's what it's supposed to do, it fell short of communicating that...

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andrej dwin
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I don't think it being retro is the biggest problem of the ad.

it's aimed at young girls. I mean, really young. like maybe 8 years old, right? and how many little girls playing with Barbie dolls know what a internet cable and plug look like? not many I guess.

anyway, I would swear it's just some spec work.

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Are you kidding? 8 year old hang on YouTube all day and know very well how an internet cable looks like.

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A nice idea, execution could have been pulled off a little slicker


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