Dermodex Prevent / Bristol-Myers Squibb: Whole night

We know what it is like being a mum.

Advertising Agency: Giovanni + DraftFcb, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Directors: Ricardo John
Art Director: Marcus Saulnier
Copywriter: Ricardo John
Account Directors: Luciana Seabra, Tania Muller, Xico Coutinho
Art Buyer: Érika Sartin
Photographer: Thelma Vilas Boas
Illustrator: Fiona Hewitt


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The pay off is 'we know what it's like being a mum' and the creatives are men, hahahahaha!

Nevertheless, I like the ads. Good work guys ;-)

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Umberto Vonspiel
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Yeah, pretty good. I really do like the Art Nouveau style you used to make these. Good work :)

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They sux... you ppl who comment must be joking...

Such superficial insights... actually what insights?

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and So? what is the benefit for user? You put the cream on the baby and you'll be able to fit your jeans? or you can sleep the whole night? or finally you can go to the cinema?

MMMhh...does not working for me.

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me too!

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17years old.
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me too.... what kinda cream it it?

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Crisp One
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what does a pharma-conglomerate
know about being a mom, besides
what they learn in research groups,

Stupid line I.M.O.

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Incredible art direction.
Incredibly weak strategy.

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I slept the whole night yesterday.

so fucking what are you trying to sell me?

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nice art direction

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Is the little cloud above the banner made out of boobs? Maybe it's just me.

Art direction is ok. Is this made for the Asian market? Some elements look from that region (red stars, paper lantern, cherry blossom). Kinda confusing...

I think, therefore... yeah.

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The art direction is cool, but it's unnecessary. And the idea "We know what's it like being a mum" would not need to be spelled out if that idea were evident in the copy and art.

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like the art direction

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Fiona Hewitt is one of my favorite illustrators, and these ads are beautiful, but the lines aren't there for me. This one is especially weak.

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art direction / design stolen from the Me So Pretty line of products.

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strike that...

Miso Pretty is the correct name.

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