Department Of Tourism Philippines: Limestone

Just as beautiful. Just not as expensive.

Advertising Agency: DDB Dm9jaymesyfu, Philippines
Chief Creative Officer: Merlee Jayme
Executive Creative Director: Eugene Demata
Creative Director: Louie Sotto
Art Director: Herbert Hernandez
Copywriter: Louie Sotto
Account Supervisors: Alex Syfu, Merlee Jayme
Producers: Sheila Villanueva, Jess Ramo
Illustrator: Allan Montayre


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good one...

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40,500 Philippine pesos = 28,752.3979 Thai baht
For just traveling Phuket!? That over over over overestimated. Too expensive.
Fake and Gay.

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"Fake and Gay?" That's offensive. Please comment in a more respectful way.


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true. and beautiful

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Nude Copy
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hello mr.kobkrit, before you rake your intelligent brain with foreign exchange rates, just use your eyes. It's 40,50 Philippine pesos not 40,500 Philippine pesos. And an advice since your are new to commenting, AOTW is not for just putting negative criticism below whatever campaign you come across.

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Roger Keynes
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Gold Bam!

The Jobless Writer
Will Think for Salary

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I think the Thailand side of the ad looks more appealing. Shouldn't it be the other way around?

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good but not lion-worthy

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Done many times. But good lobby in Cannes.

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Thailand still looks better.

because therefore it is

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Ron Burgundy
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Queeny Queen
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I don't like the idea of saying everyone that you are as good but ten times cheaper. Sounds like a dollar store ad.
Otherwise, looks good.

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effective but not brilliant one

life is either, a daring adventure or nothing

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new on AOTW but thailand part looks better, and only lesser cost can't pull the attention of the tourists searching for beautiful things...

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