September 2008

Print advertisment created by Carmichael Lynch, United States for Denver Museum of Nature & Science, within the category: Recreation, Leisure.

They're just waiting to be discovered. More than half of the world's dinosaur species haven't been found. See the remarkable creatures we've recently uncovered in a new exhibit at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science.

Advertising Agency: Carmichael Lynch, Minneapolis, US
Creative Director: Jim Nelson
Art Director: Brad Harrison
Copywriter: Ellie Anderson
Photographer: Firstbase Imaging / Getty
Art Buyer: Jenny Barnes

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SeanMartin's picture

The "monsters waiting under the bed" thing is a fun idea for selling a museum, but the art direction is borderline awful.

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There are too many people on this site passing comments like, Awful. Rubbish. Baad. Is that because this site never put up ur work? Eh?

The art direction won't win a Cannes. But it's definitely not awful.

By the way. Do u have any formal experience in advertising?

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n SEAN is the master of CLEVER comments...
n THEMARK ill tell u that he has nothin but 2 much time 2 waste on a site that he doesnt even belong to... GOD BE WITH HIM!!!

SeanMartin's picture

If you read all of my comments, you'll find that I will happily praise the ones worth it. But this is awful art direction, no two ways about it. The wallpaper, in particular, is especially egregious and makes a statement about the target market that I doubt the client really wanted. It's just shoddy work, and if this is supposed to be a site about the best in advertising, it fails.

You may believe otherwise. And that's fine. But be prepared to back it up. Simply giving me a little posted slap isnt going to make this ad any better, trust me.

Yes, I have formal experience in advertising -- two decades' worth, actually, all the way up to Associate AD (back in the days when Associate AD actually meant something, not a glorified assistant as it does now) before I decided to get out and move on to something else. I may not be active in the industry now, but I still know what works and what doesnt. And your resume, please?

As for the little dweeb talking about my "clever" comments -- again, he (assuming it *is* a he) doesnt bother to read any of them. He simply posts for the sake of posting, I suppose.

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