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what does the plug add?
is it some sort of a smiley without a smile?

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dani d

It's a pig's nose. Hence the title of "pork"

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D artist

The only thing you can cook here is PORK????

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david von

No worst than that, man!! You can only cook pork's noses!!!

I hope your comment was a joke.

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It seems like once they got the idea (which is quite common, I think), they stopped thinking about what they're going to say. This ad just doesn't make sense.

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i dont eat pork.. anywho, what do you plug in? plug a pig in some where??
or do they have fancy plugs, dont like it

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Aw, c'mon. It ain't hard to understand. It's an electric grill. What else? *sheesh* Sometimes I really wonder ...
Still not a great ad.

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i didn't get a pig's nose at all from this, in just genuine honesty

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not good.. not clear.. DUH!

| Everartz |

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I didn't get it, either. It needs a better line to tie it in, which makes me wonder if it was a good avenue to explore in the first place.

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That's Crap people no human truth no big idea

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It's very clear to me. It's not brilliant, but ok.

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