Defending Childhood: When I grow up, 6

The effects of violence are devastating. 60% of Cuyahoga County kids witness violence firsthand, 10% of them in their own homes. And it's going to get worse, unless you get involved.

Advertising Agency: Recess Creative, Cleveland, USA
Creative Director: Tim Zeller
Art Director: Andrew Frank
Copywriter: Emily Mitchell
Photographer: TRG Reality

January 2014


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It's a good cause, but the campaign is pretty average.

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I agree with Morse. The campaign isn't awful, but it's pretty middle of the road. A picture of an abused kid. A headline that rattles off a statistic.

I almost wish they got rid of the headlines and just left it with the clean yearbook photos of abused kids, and some kind of overarching line about "Violence starts at school." Not that. But just something simple that lets the picture tell the story.

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I say the ads will make you look.

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Yeah, but lots of things make you look. You could have a guy stand outside of his used car lot lighting fireworks and get looks. But that's not necessarily good advertising. And definitely not something you'd want posted on Ads of the World with your name attached to it.

I'm just saying that, "It'll get looks." isn't necessarily the standard of decent work.

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