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OK, put her in water.
Put'em in, too.
Bottle in water as well?
Not necessarily.
Blackcurrant version?
(after a pause) Blonde.
Blonde girl.

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there is something weird here, because the part of the face that is supposed to be under water, actually seems to be over the water and dry... if they had bubbles comming out of her mouth I think it would have helped (like they did on the first one).

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Uh, guys? It's not that difficult, honest. It's a reverse of an old game called "bobbing for apples", and the camera is playing with the idea of being *under* the water surface.

:: sigh ::

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I agree. get this one and like the thought. Not getting the other flavor execution.

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Audrius Kubrik
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yes, it's a game, which has nothing to do with "deep". it's fun - bobbing for apples. it's fun - drinking deepspring. don't dig for some kind of explanation or idea.

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She's got a weird haircut. And a weird clivage.
I didn't know "bobbing for blackberries" anyway.

… ans also it looks like a pool. And I wouldn't drink pool water. Even with apple in it. Or blackberries.

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This Ad is not appealing in any way!! The cast is awful, the art direction uninteresting... its a 1989 AD... senseless concept =/


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I wouldn't nominate it for a creativity award, but it is fun, feels fresh and is bright. Maybe that's what the client requested.

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No Natalie. Look at it again.


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