Deep holes

September 2007



These ads by New Zealand Mint, specialists in bullion investments, encourage investors to include gold as part of their financial portfolios.

Advertising Agency: Republik Communications, New Zealand
Copywriter: Ravi Eshwar
Art Director: Greg Wylie

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Manoj Jacob's picture
Manoj Jacob

Gold from the Ravi Eshwar mint.

fractalrene's picture
Activity Score 1504

Nice lines (the money ride one seems to me to be the best). Not a killer, but good enough.

Yash Vora's picture
Yash Vora
Activity Score 48

Just for the copy, I'll give this series a triple gold star [***]

Hand's picture
Activity Score 195

Bravo to Ravi Eshwar

Philip's picture
Activity Score 65

I love it, when headline is KING!!! Great work and true craftmanship. These lines don't come just like that!!!

Both Sides of the Brain's picture
Both Sides of t...
Activity Score 173

I like this campaign. A lot.

stonia's picture

to our guys in the ad,we can find lots of puzzles and suggestion.
but to every general consumer,so along as it has art attraction,the beauty is big,lots of men in in the floor,why it is,the ad is enough.
sometimes we think about brand.or market campaign,otherwise it is ok.

SirFar's picture
Activity Score 141

Stunning art direction.

teenie's picture
Activity Score 1894

Lovely copy - beautiful execution. Kudos!

Manoj Jacob's picture
Manoj Jacob

Gold from the Ravi Eshwar mint.