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Way better than the other one. Still not outstanding.

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chintan ruparel
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hehe, this one's good

~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

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This one is not that good at all. The person who cuts the pizza in the kitchen gets quite grubby, this doesn't indicate thickness AT ALL. Just messiness.
If they had shown a pizza wheel cutter that had a really unusually large blade, then I'd say it says "thick".

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Agree with ellehcimeo.

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marcos quinteiro
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nice one, although i agree with could be better....

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i wouldn't want them pimpled pizza hut guys to go 'handdiving' in my pizza.

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Another scam, but this is one is less crappy then the previous one.

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Fail Harder.

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Could have done more here. I prefer all-american concept of 'eating blueberry pie', with evidence on people's faces. Just a thought - as it's meant to be deep-pan, lots of topping, etc.

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The line "Deep Pan Pizzas" is what makes the ad work. It doesnt imply messiness. Once you read the line you should get that this is one deep pizza. It's actually pretty smart.

The shops in India do some pretty good work.

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does it really makes the ad work?

Of course, it doesnt imply messiness if you read the line. However this makes it too constructed instead of being smart.

when i look at the cutter, it could imply that the chef is not keeping his hands clean, that hygiene is no big deal at pizza hut, that the cutter has fallen into the ingredients or sauce, etc.

the idea should only imply one thing very clearly, but unfortunately it does not do this here.

some shops in india do very fresh work

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Agree. Really solid idea, nicely executed. The only mess around here is the inside of ellechimio's head.

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Nice one Slim. Keep the berating comments coming. They are so helpful.

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selling 2 different products in a 2 piece campaign.

pretty weak.


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This ad only implies one thing. If you look at it and see "Pizza Hut has bad hygiene", you're missing the point. I agree with the comments on the other ad for thin crusts...where it looks like it was selling another product. But this ad is the better of the two.

However I think one problem evident is that people arent reading this ad. They are just looking at the picture and then looking at the logo.

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yes. this is a smaller pile of shit than the other one.

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