Decathlon: Running

Nothing stops a runner.
From April 4 to 28
Running Promo

To be

Advertising Agency: Young & Rubicam Paris. France
Creative Director: Les Six
Art Director: Guillaume Auboyneau
Copywriter: Guillaume Auboyneau
Photographer: Yann Le Pape
Art Buyer: Sylvie Reveillard
Retoucher: Pierrick Guen
Designer 3D: Jean-Philippe Sanquer

April 2010


alexander_bickov's picture
3279 pencils

Just awesome campaign

AssassinX's picture
1329 pencils

Just want to know why it "To be published: June 2010"

I specially love this hot air ballon one. Very original n inspiring.

Shubhra Aggarwal's picture
Shubhra Aggarwal
86 pencils

a campaign which has lingered on in my mind for longer than most others.. saw ..logged off.. came back ..and now making this comment ..speaks a lot about the recall power of the campaign :) ..and this one with the air balloons is my favorite ..haven't seen anything like this before ..thats funny but not forced or ugly ..clean and pretty, instead! ..\m/

Artistic Anurag's picture
Artistic Anurag
22 pencils

Nice ad... but there is a um... factor..Hope it works positively for the brand !
Its funny how you use horns for something tha't not absurd !

Adaddicted's picture
3435 pencils

Love the art!


pwucel's picture
158 pencils

Great! A picture tell or say thousand words. Nice job! Aside for the head line, its a replica of the visual.

Tommy G.'s picture
Tommy G.
897 pencils

fantastic idea but the runners have a pixel problem, Too much resolution compared to the background.

BLACKPIXEL's picture
468 pencils

gud one

Guest's picture

Mr Tommy G.
Can you show us some of your works? I'm really eager too see some...
I'd be thankful if you send the link to:


Ektor.Me's picture
8 pencils

excellent campaign! well done!!

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