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get it

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The idea is: the traditional Meinl logo (the "moor") sleeps because he drank decaffeinated coffee!?
… lame! Most customers won't recognise it and if i want to sleep i don't buy coffee.

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Fuk'd up semiotics. No connect wat so ever. And i agree, very LAME!

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now look who get's it wrong... This ad doesn't say you can should drink this coffee if you want to sleep... it says that it won't keep you from sleeping, simply because it's decaf. So if you feel like drinking coffee shortly before going to sleep, this coffe won't keep you up afterwards...
Works for me...

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Oh no capy, c'mon. You got the ad...fine..., but do you really think it works? Im sorry, but tht was not a come back. BIRD!!!

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it says something old in a different way... Just mean that I get what thy are aiming at... sorry for having an opinion

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chirp chirp chirp.. am back in action...
still wondering...
when we are doing an ad.. are we trying to build the brand... and push the sales..
or just doing some interesting ideas.. ideas that satisfy the creative's ego??

a kick ass creative once said...
"rather be a slave to great idea, than be a master of good ideas..."

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xaxaxa very nice!

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