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I just love the way this spanish guys use their art direction. That case is so nice. Images from nowere age..with real facts. Muito bom amigos!!

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but shouldn't the act of killing suppose to come in black and white since the killing is coming from another age?

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i think you missed the point.

the picture is in color because the death penalty, while from another age, is still being practiced (apparently in 76 countries).

there would be no point for amnesty international to create a message stating the death penalty is an ages old practice and leave it at that. there has to be modern day issue it's addressing. and in this case, it's that the death penalty is still practiced.

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Good work, althought I´ve seen the resource a couple of times, this delivers the message crystal clear. Congratulations to the art director. Good job!

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nice... direct!... effective!

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