De Bijenkorf: The bargain hunt, 3

Advertising Agency: Selmore, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Creative Directors: Bas Korsten, Michael Jansen
Art Director: Esin Cittone
Copywriter: Dom Nash
Photographer: Jonathan Barkat
Account: Rina Verweij, Wencke van Lankveld

October 2008


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i don't like.


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oops I thought it's Dawn till Dusk ))

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Luiza Lucky
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Oh those Dutch jungles... (L)

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Guest commenter

Its like the tension is missing in these 3 ads..
The bag doesn't look like pray, and the woman doesn't look like she's hunting (or even enjoying it)

It could have been elegant or even rough.. now its plastic-like fake with a attempt to be funny, wich it misses completely.

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Guest commenter

I think this one is great. She's a cool Tarzan women.
Nice expression on her face, of desire for the bag.
I do think the words "bargain hunt" need to be in the copy.

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love the concept!

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Concept is nice, but the execution falls apart in the details.

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I like the concept too. Is it me or her face is way too relaxed for someone thats throwing himself over a purse?

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