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Javier Ramírez
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Remueve el vello de las manos?


Chief Creative Director Nexus BBDO

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nothing but chutia giri

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good for handjob

The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time

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DLC & Associates q es????
hay puros ninos trabajando ahi?

como se les ocurre este anuncio tan malo. Pense que lo de always no podian superarlo, pero me equivoque.

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Where you ever kicked out of this agency or never accepted??? You seem to be holding a grudge... The ad is fantastic! You need to go to school badly!

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Losvanvan, Where you ever kicked out of this agency or never got accepted??? You seem to be holding a grudge... The ad is fantastic! You need to go to school badly!

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london boy creo q es puertoriqueno!!! y quiere ser londinense!!!!

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y losvanvan creo q es un pendejo!!! q quiere ser creativo!!!

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Those are nice references, but I think they are saying different things, different messages. The first ad you posted is the closest to the ad series posted, but I think this series is worse. They are showing scraggly looking men with women's hands saying that the soap makes your hands look nicer in just 5 uses. The ad you posted makes her hands look younger. I think these new ads would have been better if they used male model hands instead of female hands to prove the point.

The other three executions you posted are selling gloves, so they keep your hand and half your arm protected and clean (thus the marks half way up the arms.), and that, to me is a completely different concept with a similar execution.

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Renan Correa
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Terible when this happens...



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These ads might seem simililar, but they're a totally different execution. I think they're not trying to make the hands look younger, they are transforming them into women's hands to show that the product does make hands prettier... I think this is a more interesting and clever idea.

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i don't think it's mo interesting and clever idea.
i wouldn't say they are beautiful.
i would say it's forced.

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Hay que ser bien novato para pensar que ver manos más jóvenes
es lo mismo que manos transformadas!!!
Manos de hombre transformadas y tan suaves como las de una mujer!!!

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i don't capish.

wut kinda language iz dat?

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Guest commenter

What kind of language is that?

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Aguacate en vez de estar defendiendo tus pesimas ideas, sigele pensando!!!!!!
Hasta a tu compatriota ricky martin se le ocurriria algo mejor!!!!.

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jajaja es tan obvio que aguacate creó esos anuncios!
el 90% de los comentarios de todos los anuncios de la tal DLC son de ellos mismos y se nota, que mal

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Losvanvan's ste...

Hey Vanvan's! I'm with your mother!

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