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Bundy Agency
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This is almost super cool work,
something is bugging me with the art though, its like they got lazy and when they got the concept they didn't care about the execution.

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Pay that.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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jaja, esta chevre.

[ ]

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woow i've just received this same kind of treatment for money in my "funny pictures" mailing list yesterday....
and i was wondering if this could works as an ad
suddenly........ i found this....

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This was a forward roaming around the net for a while now.

So what do our genius creative dudes do. Copy paste, add logo, write two banal lines. Viola! We have a 'super cool' ad. BAH!


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I like the folding here

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Shit!!! This campaign's a blatant rip-off!


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Those are so much better...

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Hi everybody:
Translation of crap creativity:
1- "Agrrr, why didn't I think of that"
2- "You do a god job and I hate you for that, guys"
3- "God for you, but I can't recognize it."

Please, you review the origami style and the general culture topics. In almost all countries the bills (money paper) has persons pictures.

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done done done

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felicitaciones muchachos!

not because someone did an origami with money before they shouldn't use it for an ad. advertisment doesn't invent crap. in that case, Budweiser's "Wassup" campaign sucks because the idea existed befeore it became an ad???

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hmm..... coment was aHasty conclusion...
I forgot that money-origami is popular culture in the world...

In japan,maney-origami(The men had turban) is famous as ideas that was maked by an artist.
But{}is not used for ad in japan.
I had been in confusion of ad with cultures,sorry.

...By the way,the idea was on the website before 2years ago.

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