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Before you say something, first do some research, if necessary. UnHate did not come out in May, 2011, but recently. I think a few weeks ago.

Awesome illustration. Idea, not terribly original, but still good.

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Ha ha... I love this debate: 2 pencils VS 13.406 pencils

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We don't need a pencil to debate. Pencils are indicator of quantity and the time spent. Not the quality we produce. I respect some of the lesser pencil owners more. Missing Davosk. :-)


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Jaap Grolleman
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Comment on Facebook said this was made before UnHate came out.

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Yeah, that was before unhate.

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Very nice

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Excellent art.

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Milan Solanki
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nice : )

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jenny ray
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it came much b4 unhate campaign broke out

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Chronological debate is killing the copywriter. Brilliant stuff. Superb AD job.
Btw, if it is before unhate, the satirical value will not be there.


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So… unhate ripped this off? Great.

Unlike unhate.


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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Nike Diesel
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+1 + 1

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STFU and Make the Logo BIGGER!

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I think that people should get clear what is a rip off and what isn't. The kiss of the Berlin wall, first place, is not an ad. In second place, it's a painted reproduction of a photo that appeared in the newspapers at the end of the 70s, showing Breshnev and Honecker. Don't forget that in Russia men kiss in the mouth as a sign of respect:

So, what the painting of the Berlin wall did was just to reproduce an existing photo.
What Dansu's ad is doing is to create a non-existent situation, to illustrate with a symbol the message that they want to communicate.

Personally, I wouldn't consider Dansu's ad a copy of the Berlin wall painting. If I do that, then I should consider also the Berlin Wall painting as a copy of the photo of the original historic kiss. And, as far as I know, advertising is allowed to copy real life.

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