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No way...

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Kids don't see/perceive/draw things this way.
This is an adult idea masquerading as a childs.
Doésn't wash.


>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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white widow
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los niños no dibujan así
creo que la campaña de "La vache qui rit cheese" tiene bastante mejor arte

kids don´t draw like that
Think the "La vache qui rit cheese" it´s better art directed

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This idea of kids extremely tall has been used a lot.
If you're going to re-use it, it must be genius.
This is not.

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same problem as with the saatchi dubai campaign: hard to get that top view thing.

uhm, is that purple thing on the right a piece of MIR space station?

the first one's pretty clear though

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its aerial view again!! ::ticks off # on clipboard::

... its already been done...

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