Danone / Danette: Kids, 3

Can you resist it?

Advertising Agency: Y&R, São Paulo, Brazil
Chief Creative Officer: Rui Branquinho
Creative Directors: Jorge Iervolino, Mariangela Silvani
Art Director: Sergio Fonseca
Copywriter: Flavio Casarotti
Agency Producer: Monica Beretta
Photographer: Roberto Donaire / Shutterstock, Latin Stock

October 2011


Nsyriani's picture
8 pencils

I dont get it..

Taylormade's picture
408 pencils

Is this a police composite? If so, they don't do it that way in a lot of countries, so while this might be clear to a consumer in Brazil, people outside Brazil (e.g. award judges) might get a little confused.

Tio Patinhas's picture
Tio Patinhas
98 pencils

Love the art direction!

Ad or die.

kleenex's picture
40694 pencils

interesting idea.

Asifur Rahman Khan's picture
Asifur Rahman Khan
28 pencils

I don't get it. Will someone please clarify what this ad means?

Copy Group Head | Unitrend Limited [Affiliated with McCann WorldGroup]

Cheerriiee's picture
952 pencils

Since the kid couldnt resist, he ended up with chocolate all over his face, thats why he had to cover up :P

Taylormade's picture
408 pencils

Really? I thought it was a police composite of the kid who stole all the pudding.

jorgemateo.es's picture
8 pencils

Me gusta la idea pero creo que no es acertada del todo para el publico objetivo

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