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Jet Propulsion Lab
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Dove, American Express, IBM or what have you. You can just tell it's an Ogilvy (USA)
ad from a mile away. Arrrrghh! :(

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beauty has an age limit.

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-1 !!!

Art Director FP7 Morocco

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yes, beauty has an age limit.
but after a point, i think it ceases to matter too much because you stop seeking approval from others and start seeking your own, because you know when you were young and beautiful, people wanted to associate with you for purely selfserving reasons - your beauty gave them pleasure - and that's ok, because youve done it too, and you will continue to do it - it's human nature.
but at the same time, you also see that you can be forgiving, and even if they dont give you want you want, you can find a way to still be really happy.
and then when you think about it, youve learned how to be more selfreliant, more compassionate, more... humane.

i woke up on the right side of bed today :)

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It would have been great to also have the photographer in the credits.

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I liked this campaign until I actually investigated the packaging. They didn't follow through on the concepts execution. The packaging tells people that it will "make your skin look and feel younger" which is the anti-thesis of this concept. It doesn't matter how good an ad is, if when the consumer goes to purchase the product the packaging contradicts the advertising your campaign is less successful.

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Ad Junkie At Large
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so true. it's input like that, backed up with research that make this website so worth while. thanks blahg

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Art Director FP7 Morocco

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finally a brain rather than a mouth :)

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well said, blahg.
however, it also meant the agency that did this, did a good job out of it.
our job is to sell, it matters less how well a product performs. as long as it performs, somewhat.

i know how this makes me sound. i have questionable morals.
but yes, i have questionable morals. im in advertising.

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the tv is good. nice idea behind it. but the print is pretty flat.

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Pacific Blue
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Did you find the "© Unilever" in her leg?

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dude thats sick as shit. saw that also.

why would that be placed there?

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LOL. i bet it was to make someone happy.

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how did you notice! and how did it get there?

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ahmed ragheb
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HUH where's the beauty !?

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Love to hear the focus groups comments on this little doozie.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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I like the concept, but I don't like this pose as much as the "Diana" version.


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i like these and all. i'm just wondering... where'd they get these old ladies? are they retired porn stars?

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Ad Junkie At Large
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no they're everyday women, and i believe that all women young and old are beautiful in their own way hahahaha i'm sorry

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dont look at them like that. old ladies need love too.

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Bob Bobman
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Maybe I'm too cynical for this but...

1. The art director surely must have done a casting to find an old woman who's not pretty but in no case too ugly. Meaning he must've said a few times...bah too ugly.

2. With a professional photographer and some nice lighting even I look pretty in the pink.

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I agree with you all

The `real beauty` campaign has a lot of lies. Actually, the little fat girls in the ads are a little pretty
They didn`t put really uggly girls without kilos of photoshop

I wanna see a campaign without make up, photoshop and exccelent photographers

This... is the real beauty.

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thats branding suicide. they dont want to turn whole segments of their target audience off. this is advertising - we deliver fantasy. fantasy that's as close to reality as possible

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The unilever c in her leg is hilerious, why is it there? ba haaaa

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Easy, she's property of Unilever. Want to buy her? What about, let's say... 2,000 $? ;)

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lol, um no thanks!

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the messege is good, to let women breathe for once and not burry themselves under the pressures of looking young always. they do get old and its ok

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sree ram
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there is a limit for copyrights and CopyWriting..this had exceeded both i guess..

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