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This ad was explained to a blind person. His reaction was "I'm blind, not retarded."

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interesting take.

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interesting idea but i think it's too disproportionate to be still believable.

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i like the idea but not so much on the execution....could be better. But the line is quite strong

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ditto... execution doesn't serve the idea properly.
maybe it could've been more subtle but still pretty dangerous... this route is to straight...predictable...not so interesting...

another case of poor art direction letting down a nice idea

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nice idea, there's a web campaign call "what noise" also for hearing impaired people, i have stronger impression over that, this can be a very nice idea, but the execution fade off a bit.
perhaps...make the kitchen look like adventure land that full with dangerousity...i don't know. but this is a bit not enough for me.

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I like both, the line and the execution. I only ask myself why they didn't make a whole campaign with this concept.

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Where did this "insight" come from? It's kind of insulting to the visually impaired. They don't really live in fear of hurting themselves all the time. They are quite capable.

The line: "To visually impaired people the world looks different." Would be better served as: "To visually impaired people the world seems different." or "To visually impaired people the world feels different." In order to "look" you'd have to have vision, and I know lots of visually impaired people can see a little, but it would still be better served to avoid the word "look" in this case.

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i agree with you ellehcimeo.
its kind of insulting to the visually impaired.
i find the thought forced.
the visual is average at best.
and the line wrong.
apart from that, its friggin fantastic.

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Apparently the counter is going to rip off a limb if you're blind, who would have thought.

If you want to make this execution work, place the "dangerous things" around dangerous areas that people encounter. IE Stove top, or knife set!!! I mean, what are they supposed to do...stand around in one spot shitting themselves?

Overall Crap, like ellehcimeo said, its offensive to the visually impaired, its a Damn good thing that they will never be able to see the shit your creating!


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totally demoralising. visually impaired dont need sympathy. u could empathize with them and build their confidence and make the feel like the world is a safe place to be in. this ad is trerrible!
like advertisingenius rightly pointed out, thankfully the blind wont get to see this ad!

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of course it looks different.. its pitch black..
no offence to the visually impaired though..
this ad is silly..

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don't understand the offensive comments on this one.
to me, it says: if you cannot see properly, dangers
are everywhere. and that in a pretty fresh way. not
more, not less.

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I don't get. What's the ad supposed to achieve?
What does BSVH do? Will they use the money to remove the obstacles, create awareness or train the blind?

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good idea. but the clean and crisp art isn't the way to go.

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Activity Score 60

This ad was explained to a blind person. His reaction was "I'm blind, not retarded."