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3939 pencils

Not that bright, but i like the fact that no copy writing is needed.



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Roshan Quintus
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like this

bite me

Hellas's picture
1172 pencils

i don't really get it..someone explain?

"I don't live in Greece, Greece lives in me..."

Guest's picture

hhaas.. i think it means that this cafe is addictive..= )

Titus's picture
77 pencils

no need of an explanation here it is very clear

komunique8's picture
29 pencils

When some one need an explanation here what is the need of this no copy ad

Guest's picture

because it is meant for dutch people. they will understand it. duh

do you even know anything about advertising?? not EVERYONE will understand EVERYTHING

and the explanation is: dutch smoke lots of week in coffee shops, and they make the smoke rings

got it? punk

Guest's picture

i just get that smooking cup thing. But i'm from south america and wasn't very clear to me, anyway i like it XD

sawantsarthak's picture
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really nice

Advertising is the art of making whole lies out of half truths.”


Davosk's picture
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I like it and I don't mind the placement of the logo at the top, it works but it's so bloody big. It makes the ad too top heavy.

Marlus Lau's picture
Marlus Lau
1808 pencils

Yes, a huge logo upside broke the layout's ballance. I find the idea interesting, but I didn't like and I can't say why.

Titus's picture
77 pencils

enough space is here to make the logo big and no need to make it smaller it is totaly balanced layout.

rolling.stone's picture
2740 pencils

make sure, sonal do not get to read your this comment


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samee's picture
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It could have been better!!

everartz's picture
7609 pencils

very nice ad, simple and powerful but the placement of the logo on top bothers me a little..

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Smoking pot & drinking coffee @ coffee shop in Amsterdam. Simple.

PERP's picture
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In Portugal people tend to smoke while they drink their coffee too (an excellent experience for that matter, we have an excellent coffee and an excellent tradition I have not find anywhere else), so my perspective here is a confused - isn't this advertising to tobacco also??

.: look for the green giant on the label :.

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great ad!!

they showed me a picture & i laughed
dignity has never been photographed

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Djarum Black done it before, with print ad and tvc

umirules's picture
4 pencils

Djarum Black' done it before, with print ad and tvc. a long long years ago.

rits's picture
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confused!!!! mmmmmmmmm.........

Guest's picture

looks like a cool place to chill at

Guest's picture

Coffeeshops are bars in the Netherlands where it's legal to buy and smoke soft-drugs. Furthermore: Dampkring is directly translated: "ring of mist". For Dutch residents this ad is a no-brainer.

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