Dallas Restaurant & Bar: Beast Burger, 2

Hello junior. Meet senior.

Advertising Agency: Contagious, Singapore
Creative Directors: Elliot Townson, Rayner Lim
Art Directors: Elliot Townson, Nicholas Lim
Copywriter: Elliot Townson
Published: April 2010


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I'm sooo not attracted by these we-dare-you-to-finish-one-gazillion-pounds-of-steak/burgers/whatever-in-less-than-30-minutes-USP's. The food may taste like crap – but hey, at least you'll get plenty of it.

Hello skinny. Meet fatty (the future you).

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It's a great, simple and relevant idea. Kudos to Contagious for daring to do this.


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500 grams of beef is no biggy...

...but what they are not telling you is that comes also with 2500 grams of bacon.

Say my name, say my name...

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"500 grams of beef is no biggy..."

R U serious?

I must tell you, your avatar picture with this comment is hilarious!!!

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