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i forced myself to read the whole copy,though it is good but can be presented in a interesting manner.

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i read three lines, not reading any further

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Guys there is a wonderful thing called full-stop/period in english language. Feel free to use it. Dont be afraid, it costs nothing.

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Extremely. Clever. Remark. I'm impressed.

- mundus vult decipi -

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too much
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Back to School...

waqar ahmed riaz

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The writing style is called "stream of consciousness" and it demands not the stringent use of correct grammar, but rather allows language to flow like thoughts flow through the mind, and you'd think, as I'm thinking now, that folks might bask in the tingling warmth of such silken copy in an ad, rather than berating these innovators of words for not grasping, as you might, their careworn copy of "A Beginner's Guide to Grammar", and tutting and shaking their heads because a sentence refused to end, as the nerve of the creators of this ad refused to end when they chose to write - to actually WRITE an ad and not rely on clever imagery, but decided instead to let the mind of the reader imagine the man in the car in thought of where he'd rather be... assuming you bothered to read the ad at all, which I did, and I'm glad, and I picture their audience reading the ad in the high-end audio electronics magazine in which it sits, in which it was made for, and I realize that people do still listen to music, and of them, some are passionate about sound, as I'm passionate about words, and as I end this endless sentence by simply stating: I love. This ad.

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Gorilla Lover
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I'm all for long copy. If it is readable. This is not.

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I think it's readable for the target audience... if not for primates.

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