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nice art, but I do not think it sells the product that well.

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I'm sure every Indo in the room can relate to this.

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The copy is low and lame

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I think it's pretty funny

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Shahzad Zaman
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Shouldn't it be "Bad smell makes everything look bad" ?

or it "looks" wrong to me only?

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Everything = 3rd person (just like he she or it)
So He looks, She looks, It looks, everything looks

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Waw, you'd better check your grammar LittleJoe :).

You are not using third person, but the infinitive here :

"I make him look good", not "I make him looks good", but "I make sure he looks good" would also be correct.

So yeah, Shahzad Zaman, you are right, it should be Bad smell makes everything look bad.

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Sorry, :) google too have to check his grammar!
Tnx for the correction :)

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I don't get it.

These guys are already bad dudes.

If it was an object or innocence that had been transformed to look bad because of the odor I would understand.

It's a bar full of questionable western tough-guys. Just because they have bandannas over their faces to mask the smell (Is this a metaphor for something bad about to happen? Bank robbery?) doesn't mean they were angels to begin with.

Decent though, terrible execution.

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I think It would kinda create a negative vibe for the product and its user/buyer. Even if my feet stink i dont wanna get this conveyed in this fashion. I dont want others to judge me when i go to buy it. If you know what i mean..

And then GOD said...
Let there be creativity!!!

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Chandra Wirawan
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Nice illustration, but bad smell could be comes from the bottle also.. and old money paper smell or cowboy's jerk dress.

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