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andrej dwin
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I always wonder about these longcopy ads. there's no historical background to allow us in central europe to do them, but in the anglo-saxon cultures it probably does work.

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AdArena: Sex Sells

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Jet Lee
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But why is Bush shown here drinking a glass of water?

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it's because that was the cheapest stock photo they found ;)

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Because it's a long list.

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Jet Lee
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Yeah, but what happened to the (Bush credits his monumental improvement to a "magic water" from "Chinaland") ?

Aren't they trying to say: Bush drinks tea > Bush becomes more sensible ?

Why is he shown drinking a glass of water then?

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Weak tea. Watered-down idea. Get back to the roots.

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I like the, "Abstract artist admits anyone can do it" but how many Bush/Kim Jon Il ads have there been in the last two years. Por favor, no mas.

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max powers

how many of those bush, kim jong il ads have been relevent to the product? think before you speak.

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