Dagens Industri: Wristwatch

If you sked us to write a few words about: the wristwatch
The biggest business newspaper in the nordic countries gives you the whole story.

Advertising Agency: Storåkers McCann, Stockholm, Sweden
Art Director: Patrik Reuterskiöld
Copywriter: Martin Johansen
Illustrator: Patrik Reuterskiöld
Photographer: Bsmart
Additional credits: Jacob Hamilton, Malin almqvist, Ylva Krantz, Nico Paredes, Linda Rundkvist
Published: August 2009


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"don't have time to read your whole story, give us only what we need"


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amen adaddicted

=== Looking for concept/art creative to form a team to work in independent advertising projects. ===

Alexandre Brito
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AWESOMENESS! Marvelous piece of advertising.

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Phil Lestino
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I used to love ads like this in the 70's

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R U serious
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I'm not the target audience of this ad. I make $200/hour.

*Of course I'm kidding. It's $185.

Say my name, say my name...

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shouldn't "sked" be "ASKED" in typing


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