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What a boring campaing. 1/10
( 1 for the effort)

"Assume nothing, question everything."

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Again, this assumes too much knowledge on the part of the user, especially when you get to subsequent parts of the series. Right now, this one here isnt as thought-provoking as, say, the machine gun/walker or the grenade/false teeth, so this could be literally anything, like a sale for the mens' department at Sears (which was my first thought when I saw the ad).

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I think if you're from the UK you'd know what it is. Dad's Army was a big show over here and The Lowry's a theatre. If you're a fan then you wouldn't need it explaining, and they're only looking to advertise to fans of the show.

Maybe all ads should have a label on them like 'Film', 'Play', 'Fruit' or 'Drink' to clear things up.

I really like these ads, great work.

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What the heck are you advertising?

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me like. prefer other 3.

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