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same chance?
6 // 6 strings?


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why didn´t you put just 6 lines/strings?... i think there´s something good here but i don´t think it´s quite finished or clear...

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I like it. Sells the product in a different way.

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agree there's a thought here, but the art direction isn't there yet. should be 6 strings and should be 6 different strings, as they appear on a guitar. there doesn't appear to be a knowledge of music from this art direction. why not show 4 bass strings for the hey jude ad, as Paul is a bass player?

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well, i think we could regard paul as much more than just a bass player, and since this ad is talking about his composition skills (which he excercises on piano and guitar as well) i think it's a valid execution.
about the layout, i see what you mean, but if they had used only 6 strings maybe the page concept would've been lost, don't you think?
i personally like these ads, but maybe there's a better way to lay them out, don't know.

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but why on a paper??
so this is a school that teach u how to compose a song?

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how great of a guitarist was elvis anyway? didnt some other sad guy write his songs?

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