poojagadodia's picture
194 pencils

the campaign doesnt goes with the punch line

jesus_loves_me's picture
59 pencils

I'm sorry. I tried so hard to understand but I just don't get it.

getconnected2001's picture
987 pencils

Doesn't inspire me to love my parents.

the pitts's picture
the pitts
54 pencils

Oh dear! That's one of the saddest comments I've seen on here for quite a while.

The ads worked for me. Just this morning I took both my parents to the Vets...Sadly they had to be put down.

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R. Rinaldi
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Yawn, coffee, please.

awenindo's picture
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the idea is good...but the art and copy is, well...

NatalieM's picture
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Odd pairing of copy and art direction. Is this saying we're supposed to treat our parents like dogs? These "parents" look pretty happy. Isn't the point to NOT treat your parents like dogs? Maybe there's a cultural barrier here. Fill me in.

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Neil Levy
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these might be the strangest ads i've seen in a long, long time. i don't really get the line and i think it could be stronger (although i think i get the idea still).

McBain5000's picture
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Typical lazy creatives! Ad needs to work harder, connection needs to be way more apparent

Kitachi's picture
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Your dog was treated better
so your parent want to be your dog instead ????

abjinthai's picture
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Good ad.
Easy to understand.

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For Thai traditional, A Good people would take care of they old' parent but now many of them ignored. They Just interest and take care only they own family.
They never look to own parent, They let them live alone. It's look simple for foreigner but IN THAILAND it's a very profligate.

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