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What does broccoli have to do with brains or helmets? Is this a culural thing? Is broccoli another word for noggin in Oz?

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Frane Rectal

yep. and broccoli is also another word for SMFD in oz.

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I think it is saying you would have to be a vegetable not to wear a helmet? Rough translation here in OZ is that someone who is described as being a vegetable is basically stupid. (You would have to be stupid not to wear a helmet). Not a bad looking campaign really. On the other hand, some bicycle helmets out there make you look like a vegetable! Gotta love the old stack hats! ;)

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none of your bu...

Advertisingisnotart you should not have had to explain that....the dude is simple!

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Needs a second to think but when u get the ´vegetable´ its perfect!

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"approved" helmet...

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IDIOTS! It's not only the vegetable, it looks like a brain!

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