Customized BMWs: Monster

Create your own monster.

Advertising agency: TBWA, Istanbul, Turkey
Creative director: Murat Arlı
Copywriter: Gökhan Yücel
Art Director: Barış Sarhan
Illustrator: Alperen Kahraman


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gato gato, perro perro.
it doesn't need copy.

Think it for a while.
Then, in anytime, it will come to your mind as an idea.

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A.G. Pennypacker
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Cat, cat, dog, dog?

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exactly, it doesn't need an explanation

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who is the illustrator?

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Where's Marty McFly?

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360 grados
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not bmw style

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Agree, I think about Jeep..... Maybe

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i wish i could enlarge the ad twice to see how is it beautifully detailed... awesome... just awesome illustration...

| Everartz |

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Nice illustration agreed but you never ever place a headline inside the logo module of a BMW ad. Head office in Germany vould go bezerk, so I doubt that this ad ran as it is.

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I agree with the logo comment. I feel like the logo and the tagline HAS TO BE integrated into the illustration somehow. I really like the idea but I also really want to rip that extra white square out (the one that has the copy on it).

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so what..... where is the idea....

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goya tasarimci ...
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It would be a good ad but not for bmw. The "create your own monster" is a relatively good and classical idea for men, specially for auto industry but it does not projects the idea here.

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