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Hm. This is about kids turning light's on and off, and switching channels because they can't compromise, right? then this one doesn't work well for me. changing cd's isn't that fast. the other two are good though.

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are u serious??? it can be that faster!! there are stereos that can have (inside), at the same time, more than 5 CDs, so u can change from 1 CD to another with just 1 button, they are SOOOOOOO COMMON :S

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Cool!! ha ha ha

si fai il mio nome, non ci sono più...

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Complete miss...

Where is the strategy??? Discomfort is one of the negative human feeling... which was touched by this campaign...

So what next... What is important now is how my brand can give you solution on your problem...

Unless this campaign is connected to sm other type of Brand Voice, its not working for me!It can be cute... but what next?

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remember that is for a "construction entrerprise" so the ad show HOW DIFFERENT can be your kids!, they need their own space... so the consumer has to relate the message with the brand, they have to think " ok if i need to construct (for example) a new room for my kid, cusezar is the solution" its there, the solution is in the BRAND itself

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Well in this case you don't need seperate rooms. You just need to put the kid who said "Britney" in a coffin and pat yourself on the back for getting rid of the weak chromozome that would probably infect your grandchildren or their children with devolution.

I like this ad BTW! Brings back memories. Only it was between Backstreet Boys and Van Halen I think!

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