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1052 pencils

Alas, the photoshop sky :(

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viral fever
30 pencils

love this ad the best of the campaign. the idea is fab. the art could have been better though. but hey, it's a cool cool twisted campaign.

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agree with you! this is the best ad of the campaign. love it:]

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this is cool. in fact the coolest of the 3 ads. wish cupid was smooching the girl ans IIIly i really wish that adam was smooching the snake ha ha ha now that would have been really really tiwsted mate. ha ha ha

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debu purkayastha
84 pencils

yeah the snake smooching would really be cool!

thats really twisted dude!!!

but i love this too...

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Hah, I like this ad.

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debu purkayastha
84 pencils

hey sky is as fake as is the rest... the plasticity of the whole thing looks like lachappelesque! i think the oversized apples add to the falsity of it!


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lovely style. you seldom see such cool art direction in indian ads. hats off, guys!

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Completely over the top, cool!
I love the way everyhing works together so well. The new twist, the new taste, old story.

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hey!!! smirnoff is "TOXIC" vry vry toxic get d msg clearly

luv it most among all (in campaign)

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sorry, but who or what are cupid?

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