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please...why all broken stuff was claim to be unique...?
what about advertising a hotel with broken stuff?

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you're missing the point: this is a low budget hotel, where you might encounter this kind of broken or used devices. the line, just try to make it funny... you get now?

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okie, i think i got it, sorry. Budget Hotel...are full with klunky stuff, and see it from different way, klunky stuff couldn't be claim as unique. But, the execution doesn't show all these item = unique to me.
to me, it is just all broken stuff.

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i bet they even have these broken mugs, chairs, forks there.
too cool.

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oh, jennywhx!

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The basic idea is cool but the copy is just too short for me. I usually go to budget hostels but (as everyone, I guess) try to find places where the bath is not dirty or I can sit on the chairs :-). If they would say something like "Who said that only luxury hotels can have unique design?" I would see the self-irony in this concept

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Hmmm. I went from 'What the?' to 'oh' to 'oh, that's kinda cool!' to 'I didn't get it fast enough' to 'oh' again. I'm mixed about this. I didn't catch on to the budget bit until too late. I'm a little slow this morning!

Fail Harder.

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